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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 7, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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people, created. if we created it, we can also fix it. >> jennifer palka believes that innovation and fresh perspective can change the government and our citizens for the better. and that's why she's on "the next list." i'm dr. sanjay gupta. we'll see you back here next week. helhello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. we begin with a university of alabama college shooting campus. officials say gilbert collar was naked and acting erratically. they say he confronted the officer, rushed him several times and ignored warnings to back off. the school says the officer shot the young man in the chest once. his friends say they're shocked at what happened.
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>> you could ask anyone that knew him, he was a great, loving guy, always made people smile, you know. he's not the kind of guy that people knew him and said he would do something like this. >> cnn legal contributor paul allen said alabama law may well come into play in this case down the road. >> alabama also has virtually the identical stand your ground law that florida has, so do you know that the officer in this case can probably say he was -- he felt that he was in danger of his life and he was standing his ground in shooting. so i'm betting as this proceeds, you may see that law that we've heard so much about in the zimmerman case in florida rear its ugly head in alabama. >> the officer involved in the shooting has been put on administrative leave until the investigation is complete. now to pennsylvania where the state's deputy attorney general and his wife are accused of severely abusing two children they adopted. police arrested douglas and
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kristin barber after the kids had a doctor's visit. investigators say the doctor noticed several fractures on the 18-month-old girl's head, and the 6-year-old girl's appeared star. they were charged with endangerment. their attorney has not commented. we know the meningitis outbreak has spread to nine states and that 91 people are sick according to the cdc. the number killed by meningitis is 7 but thousands more could be potentially exposed. the source, contaminated steroid injections to treat back pain. the medicine was traced to one specialty pharmacy, the new england compounding center outside boston. all right, turning to international news now, it's election day in venezuela. people are going to the polls to vote for their next president. there were long lines outside voting stations well before doors opened, and despite some delays, voting is going smoothly. even venezuelan ex patriots in
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new orleans lined up to vote in the early morning. chavez is hoping to hold onto power. his challenging is a centrist state governor. they're examining a drone that entered their air space. the military shot down the craft as it entered the southern part of the country. israeli security experts suspect the drone came from lebanon and not ghaza. so far nobody has claimed responsibility for it. now to the conflict in syria. shelling continuing to cross the syrian turkish border for the fifth day now. this morning turkey fired four retaliatory shells into serbia. the shells landed very close to a border town. leon panetta described his concern about this recent development.
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100 people have been killed in the violence across syria today. the second round of debates gets under way this week, but it won't be the men on the top of the tickets, it's the vice presidential candidates on the stage this thursday. cnn's political editor paul steinhauser is here with each side's strategy. >> hey, fred. foreign policies in the campaign spotlight tomorrow when mitt romney gives what his team is billing as a big speech at the virginia military institute which happens to be in a crucial battleground state. we may hear romney criticize the president over last month's killing of the u.s. ambassador to libya. >> we face a time when there is item u tumult in the middle east and other parts of america and people are asking, where is the president? president obama is in another crucial swing state, ohio. both candidates will profile
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seizure gats this week. former president clinton teams up with mr. obama at a fundraiser tonight in california. two days later, clinton campaigns for the president in another battleground, nevada. >> mitt is up to the task. he's prepared. >> romney's wife ann goes in front of cameras wednesday morning when she's a special co-host on abc's "good morning, america." but the highlight of the week is this week's vice presidential debate. both are preparing for their own showdown which takes place thursday in danville, kentucky. >> i'm looking forward to it, i really am. the thing about congressman ryan is he's been straightfwoorward to now about all the significant changes he wants to make. we have a fundamentally different view on a whole range of issues. >> i'm studying, i'm reading joe biden's speeches, watching joe biden tape and just studying on all the various issues. >> and thanks to romney's strong
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performance at last week's debate, there is even more on the line at the vp showdown. fred? >> thanks so much, paul. big week ahead. the much anticipated vice presidential debate between joe biden and paul ryan this thursday. cnn has full coverage starting 7:00 eastern time. the u.s. supreme court will hear a big case this week. affirmative action is on the docket and the decision could impact public schools and colleges across the country. two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf.
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space travel will officially begin as a business with a launch tonight. spacex will send the first privately contracted resupply mission to the international space station. launch time from cape canavaral, florida, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. they demonstrated they could do the job back in may when they had a capsule with the space station. tonight's launch will be the first of many under a $1.6 billion contract with nasa. honda is recalli268,000 crv vehicles. they say there is a faulty window switch in the driver's side door, and if it gets wet, it can start a fire. so far no crashes or injuries have been reported, but honda said it does have a switch for
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fires. it's an affirmative action case in which the justices will hear arguments on race-based admissions in texas. here's the fts. abigail fisher, a white student, was rejected at u of t. high school students in the top 10% of their class are granted admission. but fisher fell short of that formula. race is just one of the factors. attorney davo abigdabel is president of the naacp. he supports affirmative action. attorney steven taylor who says they say they want to help but universities won't admit it.
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both guests have actually filed briefs on this fisher-u.t. case. mr. taylor, you first. what will be ms. fisr's arguments since she was on the 10% requirement that would have granted her admission based on her accomplishments. >> her argument is university of texas are violating principles the supreme court laid down in its last affirmative cases in 2003. in particular, universities said they could use race but they could not engage in racial balancing which means they could not seek proportional representation of the population. university of texas overtly does that. the court said you have to phase ou racial preferences within 25 years. nine of those years are gone, and it's quite clear, in part because of the slowness of working towards racial proportionality and what they call critical mass of every minority in every classroom,
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it's quite clear that the university of texas is on a trajectory that would extend racial preferences for many, many decades, and that clearly violates the guidance of the supreme court in the gruder case, which is the leading case. >> and you said quite the opposite, that the university of texas in your view, after being years of excluding students, now it is one of inclusion. so why should its affirmative action policy or the policy it extends be protected? >> it is right squarely within what they told colleges and universities they could do after the admission of affirmative action cases. race is just one of many factors in order to have a diverse student body for students graduating from texas high schools because they recognize that the path of education has to be open to every society, and
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we need to have kids learning from each other in the classroom, on the campus, on the fields of competition and everywhere. >> and so mr. taylor, what's the matter with that argument? how is it that your interpretation and those who are going to be arguing on the same side that you are is that affirmative action is actually serving as a crutch and that it hurts the very people that it is designed to serve and help? >> well, let me begin by saying i agree with mr. adigbuleh that a racial adversity and especially intellectual diversity is a good thing to have. the question is how far you're going to compromise other values, such as merit selection and the well-being of the individual students to accomplish that. by using very large racial preferences, much larger than most people realize in terms of the academic gaps between entering students who are black or hispanic or white or asian, there is kind of a hierarchy
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with asians at the top in terms of academic qualifications. by using very large racial preferences, the university of texas and most other universities in our view are setting up a lot of these students to fail. they're misleading them into thinking they're very well qualified academically to go to university of texas when, in fact, they're not. university of texas knows that most of them will rank pretty far down in the class, doesn't tell them that, and we think that's harming a lot of the supposed beneficiaries and not helping them. >> and so how do you respond to that? >> mr. taylor is entitled to his own views, but he's not entitled to his own facts. he wildly misdescribes what's happening at texas and what's happening at schools across the country. african-americans, latinos, many others and white students benefit from having a diverse student body and the university recognizes this. the idea that people are harmed by having access to flagship institutions doesn't really ring true with most people in their
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common experience. the dean of my law school said to us on our first day, all of you are terrific but we could have cleared the decks and taken the next 400 and they would have been just as terrific. so there's not an entitlement that any one person has to go to college or law school, for that matter, but there is an opportunity for educational institutions to consider race as one of many factors far from the quotas or racial balancing that mr. taylor describes and that have been illegal and unconstitutional for a very long time. >> davo abigdulah, thank you for your time, and steven taylor. we will be watching as this hearing takes place this week. we'll be showing you what bill o'reilly and john stewart had to say when things got rather heated and o'reilly weighed in on those who use media to spew hate. i don't spend money
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it was a different kind of debate and some people were watching bill o'reilly and john
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stewart battle it out. >> it was only on line. you can imagine there were sparks flying when they disagreed. >> income redistribution, do you believe in it? >> no. >> no? >> i asked first. >> i believe in social security. do you believe in social security? >> yes, absolutely. >> so we're both socialists. >> no, no. >> do you believe in redistribution? >> social security is income redistribution. >> no, it's not. you pay into it. >> but you don't pay into it what you get out of it. some people pay more. >> an a cumulative effect? >> no, no, no, no, no. >> if you're wondering about the l levitation had this ramp under the podium so he was moving up and down. >> a lot of people didn't see this coming, but they went and sat down in chairs and took questions from the audience.
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this is something bill o'reilly said. take a look. >> the problem with the discourse situation in america is capitalism. listen to me and follow closely. you can make a lot of money by being an assassin. a lot of money. it doesn't matter if it's right wing or left wing. you go in, you're a hater, radio, cable, in print, whatever, you get paid. there's a people who do that. they go in. they don't even believe half the stuff they say and they just rip it up and get paid a lot of money. that is, of course, for everything. they're phonies. >> a pretty fiery debate a lot of folks were watching on the web. something tells me they'll be able to watch it again. >> yeah, that was on the web. i'm also encouraging everybody during the debates, the presidential debates, vice
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presidential debates, to be on the web with us,, we do a lot of fact checking along the way. this experience is where we are right now, and i also have the hash tag going, rtfacts. i'm giving you facts during the debate. we're in a two-screen society right now and that's where we are. >> vice presidential debate this thursday live on tv or thanks so much, josh. appreciate that. >> duracell. one reason: duralock power preserve. it locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. guaranteed. so, whether it's 10 years' of life's sunny days... or... the occasional stormy one... trust goes a long way.
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have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. . now to a controversial move today by 1400 pastors who are intentionally breaking a law by talking politics from the pulpit. it's part of an annual movement called pulpit freedom sunday. some pastors may go as far as endorsing a candidate for president with the hopes that the irs will revoke their tax-exempt status. it's part of a growing effort by the group alliance defending freedom to challenge the johnson amendment, which they say is unconstitutional. it states, religious organizations cannot participate in or interfere in any political campaign on behalf of any
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candidate. all right, it's one of the biggest challengers for the busy traveler staying fit while you are on the road. our richard klaas has a plan that will have you doing push-ups in your pjs. >> adrian has been training me for four years. he knows my travel lifestyle well. so he's put together a routine of exercises suited to a hotel room of any size. when you wake up, in your pjs, all in 10 minutes. >> you're going to sit all day in a meeting, and you've probably been on the plane for four hours up to 16 hours depending how far you've flown and your body is just stuck. it just wants to move, so move. >> so the workout. six simple steps. >> first let's do a squat. the thing about the squats is you'll be in a sitting position all day. the squats is not actually to
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load your body up, it's to make you move. push-ups, so you're not loading on your shoulders. the third one, backward lungs. the fourth one, standing rows. we want to make sure your muscles are moving as much as possible. try to get your hip closer and your body up nice and straight. >> i'm trying. >> in the last exercise that we'll do just to round everything off, put your foot up on the bed like that, go into a lunge position, and do this as much as you can. >> so now to do it for real. in a reasonable amount of time, allowing 10 to 15 minutes before you have a shower. the whole routine, 10 squats, 10
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push-up push-ups, 10 hulunges, 10 standg rows and the glute stretchers. you'll find you still have time a shower and breakfast. >> now we know where richard gets all his energy from. says traveling in america was up for about 5% in the first half of the year. that i be that, too, is an incentive to get your workout in. we'll come back and focus on issues president obama and mitt romney are addressing. stay tuned. "your money" starts right after this. new prilosec otc wildberry
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